2014 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Top 500+ (ESPN, Yahoo & NFBC)

Scroll to the bottom for the different league/site formats:
Tab 1 = ESPN Top 500+
Tab 2 = Yahoo Top 500+
Tab 3 = NFBC Top 500+
Tab pFAVR and hFAVR = positional replacement value by league/site type (used for position scarcity adjustments, which can also be found in each league/site type)
Last 2 Tabs = Full Hitter & Pitcher Matrices

Thanks to @mikecala98 on Twitter for the reminder…The rankings are based 100% on their 5×5 outputs and not where I would necessarily draft them. That’s where posts from Joseph come in handy (who has been reviewing each position on our site). You can follow Joseph @agape4argentina on Twitter.

***UPDATED 1/31/2014***

Sys = Projection system
RB = Rotobanter
SMFB = Smart Fantasy Baseball by Tanner Bell
RC = Rotochamp
(SMFB & RC used as I don’t project Saves)